Using Research Proposal Examples to Your Advantage

Simply put, research proposal examples can be your best friend if you are preparing to writing a research proposal leading up to your dissertation. Notice, we are using the plural here – examples, not example. Without a doubt, you need to review more than one. You need to do so for several reasons, all of them designed to make these examples a great source of proposal help.

What are you going to do with all of these research proposal examples? Simple. You are going to study them, of course; you are going to read them thoroughly, pay attention to detail, and apply what you have learned to your own research proposal writing. The first research proposal example you need to look for is one in your own field of study. Mind you, you are not doing this so you can take away ideas from that example, per see. You see, the core element of the research proposal is that it needs to be original and unique. Your research needs to be completely relevant and to be beneficial to your field. Writing about something you see in an example does not qualify. Someone else has already written about that. Someone else has already delved into that research area. No, you just need to get an idea of what a research proposal in your field should look like. For example, if you are doing your dissertation on graphic arts, then that research proposal will be entirely different than one written on genetics, for example.

Research proposal examples can also be an ideal source of help when it comes to format. That is, are you supposed to do your proposal in APA style? MLA style? Chicago style? Do you get to choose? Whatever the case, seeing a research proposal example with the appropriate citation style can help put the whole thing in perspective. Seeing something in situ is much more informative than simply reviewing a sample in a reference book.

As well, you will be able to see all the proper sections laid out correctly. A research proposal is more than just an introduction, the body, and the conclusion. It is more than just the cover page and the bibliography page. It is much more intensive than that, and a good example will help you set it up correctly. It is a tremendous source of research proposal help.

In short, research proposal examples can be beneficial in many ways. You can also look at a few examples that show you what not to do. The bad ones can be as helpful as the good, well written ones, if not more so. After all, if we learn well from our own mistakes, it stands to reason that we can learn even better from someone else’s! Research proposal writing may seem intimidating at the onset and that is perfectly natural. However, looking at sound examples as a means of proposal help can aid you more than you know. The whole process will be much, much easier.