The Key to Crafting a Graphic Design Thesis Statement

Today we are going to discuss a problem that probably plagues a lot of graphic art students: how to write a really strong graphic design thesis statement. Speaking from firsthand experience, there is not a lot of information about this type of thesis statement to be found on the Internet. Therefore, you are going to slog through this one on your own – to an extent. This article may make the whole process a bit less difficult.

Before coming up with a graphic design thesis statement, you need to pick a sound topic. Unless your professor has set strict guidelines on the paper’s subject matter, then this is really up to what interests you and would fly in your particular course. There are however some standard ideas on which you could put your own twist. It is, after all, your graphic design dissertation, its success is largely dependent on your interest in the subject – and that goes for a thesis or research proposal as well.

Macs are becoming big right now, so you could discuss how that is going to affect various graphic and paint shop software which is, thus far, available only to PCs. You could discuss the use of filters in pictures, layout techniques, or creating animation. The way branding affects design is another good paper topic, as is the overall importance of graphic design. Its affect and influence on popular culture, consumer behavior, and consumerism as a whole is also an interesting topic.

You get the idea, certainly. The potential subjects are virtually endless, especially if this is a graphic design dissertation or thesis. In those cases, there is truly no limit to what you can do, as long as it is relevant. So, presumably, by this point you have picked the perfect topic. You are all ready to begin writing your dissertation or continuing on with your thesis writing – what have you.

Now is the time to focus on crafting your graphic design thesis statement. The success of your paper hinges on how strong or weak it is. That is a lot a pressure, so before you even begin, you need to make absolutely sure that you know exactly what a thesis statement is. Everything depends on this, from the research proposal to the final product.

Succinctly, your thesis statement is going to tell your reader exactly what you will be doing, what your paper will be saying. It answers all the questions you intend to ask, it makes clear what you intend to prove. It has to be concise, sharp, and completely relevant to your entire argument.

Creating a graphic design thesis statement can be extremely hard because you are relying words rather than visuals. Your humble author, for instance, who has no artistic talent whatsoever, is at a complete loss even thinking about it. If you just seek out the connection between what your subject is and what you want to prove about that subject, it will be as easy to master as MS Paint.