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Question: You can order work only through the site?

Answer: gives you the opportunity to choose the most convenient way for you to place an order. The application can be issued on our website, by phone or by visiting our office.


Question: How is the payment order?

Answer: It is possible to pay for the services of our company in several ways: in cash at the office, through the bank, using electronic money. For more information, please contact our managers.


Question: Does the company guarantee quality execution of my application?

Answer: Of course! In order for your order to be of high quality, our company cooperates with experienced specialists, teachers (including doctors and candidates of science, graduate students). Also, all works are checked for anti-plagiarism, which guarantees the uniqueness of your work.


Question: How do I know if someone will undertake the execution of my work, its cost and readiness?

Answer: The manager will call you and inform you about the cost of your work, as well as confirm the deadlines.


Question: Where are the guarantees that after paying for my services I will get a job and the company will not disappear?

Answer: Our company is officially registered and carries out its activities in accordance with applicable law. When placing an order, you receive a payment receipt, which is one of the proofs of our serious attitude to your orders and cooperation with you. We are also always glad to see you in our office!